Meditate for Mind Power Mompreneurs

Studies illustrate a relationship between the development of the brain and meditation. This is great news for mompreneurs. Two structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) investigations were conducted in order to illustrate the relationship between neuroplasticity and meditation. Furthermore, these research studies were conducted to compare the brain structure of the experienced meditators with those of the control subjects. These subjects were matched according to sex, age, race, and even years of education.The research findings show that years of meditation experience actually correlate with increased cortical thickness in the brain areas where visceral attention and self-awareness have been noted. This awesome discovery on the relationship between brain development and meditation suggests that mental training may actually stimulate structural alterations of your brain which is reflective of neuroplasticity (Garland and Howard, 2009). You can imagine what this could mean for you!People with regular meditative practices have been found to possess more neural fibers in the frontal lobe. Meditation improves awareness, memory, focus, and neural coordination. There are so many benefits to implementing meditation into your probably over-extended mompreneur lifestyle. I encourage you to approach activities that assist you to optimize your health in a self-deserving way. Recognize your value and your desire to enhance your experiences and achievements. Pleasure and potential is something that should not be reserved for only a chosen few.Our mind is a fiercely powerful organ that can have a strong influence on our thoughts, behaviour and emotions. The brain is like a muscle composed of a network of intricately connected circuits. Meditation is an exercise for the brain that can help strength these circuits to attain positivity and happiness. The practice of meditation influences these neural circuits by replacing the negative thoughts and emotions with positive experiences. It can be described as the practice of attaining a level of awareness and attentiveness by concentrating on the present moment. Meditation has been increasingly employed in the recent years to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and to restore your physical and mental health.It is essential to remember that meditation is not merely a practice but a way of being connected with your mind and body. Enjoy the tremendous benefits of heightened consciousness experienced during your meditation sessions in your daily life in order to achieve greater insight and composure.Remember: You can start from where you are. If you begin by taking two minutes to meditate each day, that’s two minutes more than the day before and one step in the right direction. There are times when I only take a few minutes to be quiet with a mantra before I’m back to work or family.Affirmation for meditation: I can be still and allow the peace to restore me.

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